Attempting to write another chapter of my TOP homelessness scenario. Wish me luck!

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Can you write a scenario with GD. please

this was a request from someone else, but it is a GD scenario. if you want soemthing different, please leave me a more specific request bb

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G-Dragon: Jealousy.

here you go!

enjoy bb



Aegi = Baby


“Okay… Yeah… It’s fine. Yeah, I’ll see you later. Bye. Yeah I love you too.”

When Jiyong finally clicked his phone off, you were allowed to exhale again. He leaned over the arm of the couch and nudged your shoulder.

“What do you want to do for dinner, Aegi?” he asked, smiling at you.

You turned to hinm your eyes narrowed and your mouth in a tight line. “Don’t touch me.”

He recoiled quickly. “What’s wrong?”

“Who were you just talking to?” you said, turning your body completely to face him. “Do you really think It’s okay to talk to someone like that when I’m right here? I’m your girlfriend Jiyong!”


“Give me your phone. I want to know who that was.” You extended your hand, palm up, and waited. After about four seconds of silence, you ran your fingers through your hair and groaned. “What is wrong with you? Did you hit your head? Do you think it’s okay to say I love you to whoever you want whenever you want? I’m not going to be in a relationship with you if you think you can walk all over me, Kwon Jiyong. I can’t do this anymore. I’m done.”

You stood up, tears wetting your eyes, and looked down at Jiyong for what may have been the last time, and his eyes were wet too. He had fallen on the couch and was writhing around, his body shaking from laughter.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” you repeated.

“That was Youngbae, babo-yah!”

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Unnie can u di a top scenario. Oh and I'm glad your writing again ♥♡♥♡

well aren’t you just sweet ♥♡♥♡ (and unspecific)?

tell me what kind of top scenario you want and i’ll write it bb

"He was cut from stone. I’m not gay, but if I was, I would TEAR HIM APART"

McCrae, Big Brother

hey i’m kind of a person right now, so if anyone even gives a shit that i exist, send me a sentence and i’ll write a super short thing for ya (fanfic or scenario)

Jinki x Lollipop

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Shit Tina Fey’s Five Year Old Daughter Says


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07 - 04 - Short



“Did the maknae cause a lot of trouble last night?” Jiyong asked, turning the car on.

“No, it was fine,” you said sourly, turning to look out of the window.

“I’m sorry about him. He always does the wrong thing.”

"I just told you it was fine."

He turned to look at you before pulling out of the space and driving up onto the street.

“Do you know how to get to my house?” you finally turned to look at him, but his eyes were locked on the road.

"Yeah, I’ve got it."

You drove in silence for a few meters before he put his hand on your knee. “Are you sure you don’t want to come to the hweshik?”

You pushed his hand away. “Yeah, I’m pretty sure.”

He stopped the car at a red light and turned to stare at you  “Did I ever do anything wrong to you, because I try really hard to be nice to you but you seem to hate me.”

"I don’t seem to hate you, I do hate you,” you frowned deeply.

"Why? Because we work at competing labels?" he asked sincerely.

"No, it has nothing to do with that!"

The light turned green and Jiyong continued to drive. “Then what is it?”

"You called me short!"

"That wasn’t meant to be a malicious comment, you know. It was more of an observation."

You narrowed your eyes at him. “And what was that supposed to mean?”

"It means that I want trying to be mean! I’m sorry if you thought of it that way, but I didn’t mean anything like that. I think your very cute, especially because of your height."

He smiled sweetly at you.


Which would have been okay if the only word you hated more than adorable wasn’t ‘cute.’


"I’m not cute.”

Jiyong scowled. “I can’t win with you.”


"Look, if I can’t call you short, and I can’t call you cute,  then what can I call you?"

"Do you have to call me anything?"

Jiyong slammed his hands on the steering wheel in frustration. You jumped a bit in your seat.

"You can call me dongsaeng, like Gongjoo does."

Jiyong smiled while looking at you through the rear view mirror. “Now we’re getting somewhere. Will you come to the hweshik?”

You pouted, driving your bottom lip way farther than it should be.

"Come on, dongsaeng, free food!"

You pouted even more, but turned to Jiyong as you said, “Fine,” like it was some trouble for you to let him buy you a meal.


"Should I wear something fancy to dinner?" you asked Gongjoo over the phone.

"You’re really going to come then?" Gongjoo excitedly squeaked.

"Fancy or not?" you repeated.

You could hear the glee in her voice. “Well, it’s going to be full of idols and idols in training, so they’ll automatically look great, no matter what they wear. You don’t want to look better than them, which, let’s face it would be hard for you anyway.”

You’re a bitch,” you muttered under your breath.

"But you don’t want to look cute, because you’ll look like a little kid. Maybe just go for sexy. That’ll be easy, you can wear that black dress I gave you."

"Gong, that dress has a train! How is that sexy?"

She laughed into the receiver, “You’re not going for conventional sexy, pabo. Just wear some kind of heavy silver jewelry and pull you hair up in a really tight bun. Trust me, you’ll look great.”

You pouted into the phone. “Ugh, can’t you just come over and dress me I have no clue what you’re saying.”

"Ani, I’m gonna be working until, like, ten minutes before the dinner."

"Fine. I’ll see you there. But if I look weird and out of place, I’ll kill you."

Gongjoo blew you a kiss through the phone, “You’ll look great! I’m stupid I knew, but I’m really good with clothes.”

"Alright, alright, I’ll see you then. Thanks Gong."

"No problem. And you know what my lovely dongsaeng?"


"Jiyong loves black!" Gongjoo hung up the phone.




You felt stupid and out of place. You got to the samgyopsal restaurant twenty minutes early (you were always early), and even though it was the most upscale meat house you’ve ever been in, it was full of plain people wearing plain clothes. But you stuck out like a sore thumb, wearing a floor-length black dress and six inch creepers, because they really made you look taller, and a severely sharp hairstyle that hurt your head, but perfectly matched your sharp makeup, checking your phone every ten seconds to pretend like you were busy.

But eventually, the YG crew walked into the building, and even though they greeted the owners like they’ve known then forever, they about shit themselves, because Big Bang (and some girl who looked famous enough, but was just an undebuted rookie) just entered the building.

"My dongsaeng!" the rookie yelled, outstretching her and to you. "You followed my advice!"

"Yeah, but that doesn’t mean that I like you or anything," you said, shrugging off Gongjoo’s advances.

"Doesn’t she look hot Jiyoung-sunbae?"

Jiyong didn’t say anything  for a few seconds, he just opened and shut his mouth like a fish.


He played mute for a few more minutes before Youngbae cut in and said, “You look amazing.”

You blushed and turned away from him, into the crook of Gongjoo’s shoulder. “Aw, look at our cute dongsaeng. So shy and cute.” You pulled away to glare at Gongjoo before she leaned down to your ear and whispered, “Stop flirting with Youngbae and turn up the charm for Jiyong.”

"When did I flirt-"

"Youngbae has a girlfriend. He’s off limits."

"I wasn’t flirting-"

"Now go flirt with Jiyong before I kill you."